Rejection is Redirection – Failures are Clues

Warmer/Colder is a game many of us played as children.  The game where a person would think of something in the room, and we would guess what it was, by taking steps.  Every time we went in the right direction they would say warmer, until we were burning hot or on fire.  If we went the wrong way, we would hear colder as a way to redirect us and put us back on track.  

I don’t know about you, but whenever I heard colder all I did was stop, look around, alter my course and listen for the next clue.  Not once did I throw up my hands and say, “This isn’t meant to be!  The game is over! I am a failure!” But that is what we do to ourselves in life.  When things get challenging, a door closes, or we receive a rejection (colder), rather than listening to it as a redirection to get back in the game, we often view it as the end.  But it isn’t.  A rejection is really just a redirection.  A failure is information that allows us to change course.  So, when you set a goal, make a plan or take a chance, if it doesn’t work out the way you thought, instead of beating yourself up for being in the game, just tell yourself, “Hmmm, colder,” and then look around and take your next step in a new direction.   When things start getting warmer, you will know you are on your path. Having a hard time hearing the clues?  Grab a coach or a friend to partner with you in the game. Happy playing!