Equilibrium Coaching

clarification, integration, evolution


Quiet the noise, set your intentions, unlock your passions and remove blocks that stand in your way.  Make space to understand your motivations and identify what you need to create balance and fulfillment.


Identify your next steps, test out your options, and set new habits.  Evaluate your discoveries as you create practices and routines that  build on each other to become part of your new rhythms and directions.


Get the most out of yourself and your life from a place of transformation. Enjoy a new outlook and the ongoing progress that comes from growth, insight, clarity and personal investment.  

Let’s find the life you want.


I’m Kathy!

My mission is to assist people with exploring mindset, setting intentions and taking steps to help them live a transformed life with confidence, clarity and direction.


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Kathy was incredibly helpful to me during a really hard time. She always stopped to acknowledge the progress I made which was the support I needed. She was able to shift my focus on one or two tasks at hand when I would get overwhelmed by the big picture. She was reliable and prompt and lovely to talk to. I would highly recommend Kathy as a coach to anyone. Thank you, Kathy!


My fiancé and I are so glad we came across Equilibrium Coaching! Amidst our chaotic lives and so many things we were hoping to achieve for ourselves and our relationship before our wedding, it was hard to prioritize the things that are important to us. Coaching completely realigned our priorities and set us on a path towards success for our individual goals and healthy habits in addition to goals we had for our relationship and future. We highly recommend coaching for accountability and setting action plans for achieving goals and lifestyle changes! Thank you, Kathy!


 Under Kathy's coaching I learned to be honest with myself-which is no small feat after years of hiding my truths. After our sessions a weight was lifted which gave me the ability to move forward with my personal goals.


 Coaching with Kathy was particularly helpful for me during the pandemic because this season is so overwhelming. She taught me how to come up with a bite-sized goal and move forward. She helped me get unstuck.


 Experiencing coaching with Kathy has shown me the amazing benefits of working with a well-trained life coach. With years of experience, Kathy brings compassion, empathy and creativity to her work. I feel deeply listened to and every session I walk away with a new insight or action plan for making progress in a specific area within my life. Kathy is insightful and always provides me with clarity and tools in order to feel successful. Thank you so much for working with me. I have benefited greatly from my time with you. Thank you!


 Being in a group under Kathy's leadership helped me feel more validated and confident in the choices I make. I have learned to be more mindful, intentional, and gentle to myself because of the group. I highly recommend Kathy's services to anyone navigating confusion, uncertainty, or just plain in need of encouragement. You will be uplifted by being with Kathy!


Having an amazing life coach has helped me go after dreams I thought were too late to live. Such a truly life changing process.


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A Fresh Look at Success

A Fresh Look at Success

Michael Neil once said, “There is literally no such thing as success.”  The first time I heard that I felt an immediate push back, a rolling of the eyes and other thoughts of complete disagreement.  But, as the concept of success was explored, it...

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