01. Why coaching?
In athletics it is often said a coach is the person who takes you where you can’t take yourself. It is the same with life coaching.  While no one knows who you are and what you want better than you do, often the pace of life or unexpected events push that inner voice so deep into the background, that you lose touch with the balanced and fulfilling life you are looking for. Coaching creates a place and a structure to help you get in touch with those thoughts, feelings, ideas, goals and dreams. It will also help you identify and remove any blocks in your way and move forward where two options or areas appear to directly conflict. A coaching relationship creates a space that is focused on you as we work together to design the life you really want.
02. How do we approach the process? What will we be doing?
The coaching relationship is always driven by what you want.  This is done by completing a discovery session and then working through your identified areas of need toward goals that you set for yourself.  Not sure what those areas are?  Going through the discovery session or possibly a fuller self-discovery process will help you gain clarity and set your direction.  We will then move toward the goals through coaching conversation, use of tools, strategies such as the 7-step Model for Change™ and use of supportive information you may already have through completion of tests such as Strengths Finder, Spiritual Gifts Inventory, Myers-Briggs, or the Enneagram (my personal favorite).

Coaching takes place over the phone or via Zoom meetings if you prefer face to face.  This allows you to participate in your coaching at times and places that are convenient for you. All I ask is that you carve out the time when you can be distraction free and focused on yourself.

03. Is it a safe space?
Yes, this is a safe space for you to completely explore what you need to create what you want.

Coaching provides a safe and clear space for clients to:

  • Go through a self-exploration process to get in touch with yourself
  • Clarify your purpose
  • Identify your passions
  • Prioritize areas you  want to work on
  • Work through obstacles and blocks that have prevented progress
  • Create a strategic plan
  • Gain clarity when two parts of your lives feel like they are in conflict or there are decisions to be made
  • Creatively design or redesign parts of your life, career or lifestyle.
  • Look beyond current circumstances and explore or create new possibilities.
  • Clarify what you want and need in order to design your lives the way you want it.
  • Set achievable goals
04. What is the time investment?
Request a free 30-minute introductory session to see if Equilibrium Coaching is right for you.
All packages begin with an initial 60-minute Discovery session where we will explore your priorities and areas that are important to you to begin setting both short term objectives and long-term goals.  Your time investment optimizes your ability to see growth and change.
3-month coaching packages –  Recommended to start
After your initial discovery session, we will work through your identified areas of focus through the use of tools, powerful questions and occasional “homework” assignments.
Options include:
5 – 55-minute sessions  OR 5 – 30-minute sessions 
All six sessions must be completed in a 3-month period.  While most clients opt for one session every other week, your coaching schedule can be individualized to your needs and availability.
 6-month coaching packages –  For those who want to go deeper/address multiple areas.
An extended coaching relationship can allow you to not only set and achieve goals, but spend extra time exploring multiple areas while addressing any additional areas of need that come up along the way. After your initial discovery session, the additional time would be spent focusing on your identified topics.
 Options Include:
11 – 55-minute sessions  OR 11 – 30-minute sessions 
All twelve sessions must be completed in a 6-month period.  While most clients tend to schedule a session every other week, your schedule may be individualized to meet your needs if you wish to go at a faster pace.
*Please inquire for individual hourly rate outside of a package purchase.
Workshops/Group Coaching
Pricing based on length of sessions or event. Please send a
message if you are interested in receiving information on the next available coaching
group or workshop.
05. When should I receive life coaching?
When you want to:
  • Set yourself up to achieve personal and professional goals                                   
  • When you need designated protected space to reflect, get traction and set accountability
  • Navigate life transitions in a more purposeful way
  • Overcome a block or challenge that is stopping you from progressing
  • Clarify priorities and how to best use time and energy
  • Integrate spirituality into your daily life
  • Design a clear picture of what your balanced life could look like
  • Recognize how the expectations of others are impacting your time and energy
  • Create a more balanced and fulfilling life