About me



Hey there!

Welcome!  My name is Kathy Hollimon and I am so glad you are taking time to investigate investing in yourself.  Nothing brings me more joy than helping people  navigate their lives more successfully and create the outcomes they want. Few things get me more excited than seeing people have breakthroughs, overcome challenges, gain insights and reach goals.

My own successful experience being coached, inspired me to pursue training so I could share the amazing experience and results with others.  I hold a Master’s Degree in Human Development as well as certifications as a life coach, professional coach, NLP practitioner and Enneagram coach. I also have over 30 years of experience as a behavior specialist navigating challenging situations where behaviors and reactions were interfering with the client’s ability to access their environments, relationships and potential. 

I enjoy individual and group coaching, leading workshops, and facilitating with couples and small groups who are working toward common goals. In my free time I love watching movies, learning about wine, eating and spending time with my friends and family while working to maintain my own healthy state of equilibrium. I would love the opportunity to help you create the life you want.