Designed to help you clear space, reflect and evaluate to create the life you are looking for. This is helpful when you have lost touch with balance, need assistance creating and achieving goals and/or want to create new healthy patterns.  Life coaching will help you:

    1. Design a clear picture of what your balanced life could look like and assist with creating clarity on your priorities, personal boundaries and things that are standing in your way.
    2.   Isolate areas where you lack satisfaction and create steps to increase your fulfillment based on your true values, passions and essence.
    3. Break negative patterns and establish new healthy ones by identifying choices you can make to navigate challenges, communicate your needs and reclaim your identity. 


Designed for people in life transitions to navigate them with more confidence and clarity. This can be a transition in life stage (ex. Work to retirement, college to workforce, parent to empty nester, etc.), or transition of circumstance like a move, job change or divorce, single to married. This helps if you need to:

          • Clarify what you want to take forward in your next season of life and identify opportunities found in transition times.


          • Recognize things you want to leave behind, let go, or unlearn and discover how you want to feel.


      • Generate a compelling vision for your next phase and identify steps to create it.


-Workshops occur throughout the year and take place both online and in person. They range from 1 to 5 hour stand-alone workshops to 6 week series that take a group coaching approach. They cover a variety of topics such as:

-Thrive in any Circumstance

-Effective Strategies for Dealing with Stress 

-Mindset: Reframing your thinking

-Understanding the Enneagram

-Life Purpose: Getting in touch with your Passion, Purpose and Meaning

You can explore workshops in the following ways:

    • Sign up for the mailing list for invitations to upcoming workshops.
    • Contact me if you would like a workshop designed for your group.
    • Explore upcoming workshops and topics by checking the Equilibrium Coaching facebook page or visiting



      •  Accurately identify your Enneagram Number and understand the Enneagram as a tool
      • Learn about your core motivations and how they impact the way you think, feel and behave.
  • Recognize what shows up when when you are in states of stress and states of growth 
  • Use your new insights to recognize and adjust any unhelpful thought patterns 

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